Black and White Listing

The differences and uses.

Some people seem to be confused about the purpose of the black and white SSID lists so I'll try to explain what they are there for and some uses for them.

As a quick overview, the karma patches to the madwifi drivers mean that when in AP mode the drivers will respond to probe requests for any SSID, this is useful when you are trying to take over the world but not when you want to focus your attack in some way.

The drivers can be given a list of SSIDs and told to either only accept SSIDs in the list (white list mode) or ignore all the SSIDs in the list (black list mode).

The main use for black list mode is to prevent the drivers responding to a known SSID such as that of an AP you are using for an internet connection as part of an internet connection sharing setup. Simply add the SSID of your AP to the list, make sure the list is set to black list mode and your laptop will be able to connect to the legitimate AP without being hassled by Jasager.

The main use for white list mode is to focus your attack on a fixed number of SSIDs. For example, you are doing a test on a business which has two SSIDs, one for staff and one for guests and the limit of your testing is those two SSIDs, you simply add those SSIDs to the list, set it to white list mode and Jasager will only allow access to those two SSIDs.

Remember, when changing from black to white list mode, and vise-versa, the list is not cleared down, you have to clear it manually using the reset button.