Usage - Web

The web interface.

The web interface can be found on port 1471, simply browse to it and log in with your root username and password.

The interface first checks whether ath0 is up, if not it will give you the option to create it.

Once it has an interface to work with, the main screen is broken into 4 sections, top left shows the current status and allows control of Karma features, top right shows information, help and messages, bottom left shows a list of currently connected clients and bottom right is a dump of the log file. Both the client list and the log file will automatically update at 20 second intervals if AJAX is available, if not just refresh the page to update.

Status / Main Controls

The options in this section allow you to control the wireless card and karma features. The SSID list is a list of SSIDs that the interface will either accept (whitelist mode) or ignore (blacklist mode). One thing to watch out for is that changing from blacklist to whitelist mode, and vise-versa does not reset the SSID list.

Connected Clients

The list of connected clients comes from a merger of wlanconfig output, information in the log file and the ARP cache. A blank IP address may mean the client hasn't got an IP address or hasn't used it for a while so it has slipped from the ARP table.

The dropdown list of commands allows you to add the clients SSID to the watch list and kick the MAC address. Kicking is not blocking a MAC, just temporarily disconnecting it, most clients will attempt to reconnect within seconds of being kicked. Kicking can be useful if you blacklist a SSID and need to remove any currently associated clients. I have an idea that this list will grow with useful commands such as blocking MAC addresses and initiating things such as nmap scans. Watch out for new features in version 2.


All activity is logged to /karma/log/status.log which gets dumped out to the log window.