A bit about me

I am a freelance pen-tester, researcher and developer, so if you need something tested, researched or developed please get in touch.

My commercial background is as a software developer but I've always had an interest in security and so around 2005 I started moving away from general software development and more into security related areas. This is a decision I'm very glad I made as this is a great industry to be in with fun work and some amazing people to work with.

I held the Check Team Leader - Applications qualification for three years but let it expire due to lack of use, I may still have the SC clearance which went with it but they won't tell me when it expires for some reason. I also have an expired GIAC GAWN gold certificate and GCIH silver. My gold paper was entitled "Programming wireless security" and took a developer through installing various tools to writing an application to automate the collection of a WPA 4 way handshake.

As well as the technical hands on work I also enjoy teaching and have ran a number of courses for beginners who are getting their start in security.

My other passions include climbing, gym sessions and martial arts, especially kobudo where I hold a first dan.

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