Every now and then I come across a topic that is too complicated to try to learn or explain through a single blog post, in those instances I like to build up a lab to play around in. Here are a bunch of these labs, the ones that are safe to put online.

If you like these labs, and are interested in using them in your training or would like some bespoke labs creating for your organisation, please get in touch.

  • Alert Lab Override the default JS alert function to track down the source of the XSS.
  • Authentication Lab Play with various broken authentication systems.
  • The CORS Demos A set of CORS requests and responses to demonstrate all the different permutations.
  • Cracked Flask A really simple lab to practice cracking Python Flask session keys.
  • GraphQLab A lab to help understand and then attack a GraphQL based application.
  • HTML5 postMessage Various examples of using HTML5 postMessage to send messages between two sites.
  • SocketToMe A lab to play with web sockets.
  • Splitting XSS Payloads Lab Identify ways you can break up an XSS payload to get around input length and filtering limitations.
  • SVG XSS Defence Scenarios Did you know that SVG files can contain JavaScript which can be used for Cross-Site Scripting? This lab demonstrated this, and shows how it can be defended against.
  • vuLnDAP An LDAP based vulnerable web application.
  • Web Cache Poisoning The implementation of some of the web cache poisoning issues identified by James Kettle.

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