Having just built a nice powerful rig for cracking passwords I decided it was time to go beyond just cracking them and look at actually analysing the results. This was mainly inspired by all the write-ups by people on the Gawker hack and the analysis done on the passwords recovered from their databases.

So, I wrote Counter. It is a short Ruby script that goes through a file and gives you a frequency analysis of the lines (not words) in the file. By default it gives the count and percentage of each line found along with a total count of lines in the file. All of these can be turned off so the output can be piped directly into other tools such as RSYaba or RSMangler. There is also a parameter to cap the number of lines output so you can show just the top X lines.

I'm sure there are already tools that do the same, or similar to this one but I like to have my own versions of things as I find it easier to modify them when my needs change.

Installation is easy, just untar the tarball and make sure the script is executable, it doesn't use anything beyond standard Ruby and has been tested on version 1.8.7 and 1.9.1.

Download Counter

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