ear trumpet

ear trumpet is a two part application, ear and trumpet. ear is a listener which will listen on specified ports for connections and answer any connection requests. trumpet is client which will try to connect to a range of specified ports on a given host.

The idea behind it is for testing firewalls to see what ports they will allow through, you run ear on one side as a listener then run trumpet on the other. ear will report all the ports that were allowed through.


download ear trumpet version 1


Save the files and make them executable, apart from ruby no gems or libraries are required.


Usage: trumpet [OPTION] ... SERVER
        --help, -h: show help
        --start x, -s x: start port, default 1
        --end x, -e x: end port, default 1024
        --timeout x, -t x: timeout for connection in seconds, default 1
        --sleep x, -p x: sleep between starting conections, default 0.1
        --report-open, -o: report open ports
        --report-closed, -c: report closed ports
        -v: verbose

        SERVER: The server name or ip.

Usage: ear [OPTION]
        --help, -h: show help
        --start x, -s x: start port, default 1
        --end x, -e x: end port, default 1024
        -v: verbose


This is version 1 and has been written fairly quicky and not fully bug tested but does work in most tests. It occasionally throws an error on closing after scanning a large number of ports, this doesn't seem to affect the scan and the results do appear to still be correct.

I can only open 1000 ports at a time, I assume that this is a limit set by linux and it is probably possible to increase this but I haven't had chance to investigate this.

If you find any bugs or want to report any problems you can contact me.

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