This months Brucon 5x5 project is a tool I've written as a guest author for the CSI Tech blog.

ivMeta is based on information in this article on finding meta data in iPhone videos. It will attempt to pull the following bits of information from an iPhone video:

  • Maker - should always be Apple
  • iOS Software version
  • Date video was taken
  • GPS co-ords where video was taken
  • Model of phone

Here is some sample output:

Parsing: iphone.mov
Type Marker: qt
Maker: Apple
Software version: 6.1
Date: 2013-06-03T13:45:04+0000
GPS: lat:+53.3831 long:-001.4600 dir:+076.540
Model: iPhone 4


ivMeta requires Python 2.7 upwards, to get it running should be as simple as making the script executable and running it.

For full usage information you can run ivMeta with a --help:

# ./ivmeta.py --help

ivMeta 1.0 Robin Wood (robin@digininja.org) (www.digininja.org)

usage: ivmeta.py [-h] [-v] file.mov [file.mov ...]

Parse metadata from an iPhone video

positional arguments:
  file.mov       Videos to analyse

optional arguments:
  -h, --help     show this help message and exit
  -v, --verbose  Verbose output

You can process multiple files at once by either specifying them individually or by using wild cards:

# ./ivmeta.py *mov


# ./ivmeta.py video1.mov video2.mov


You can download ivMeta from the CSI Tech site.

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