Wifi Honey

The idea for this script came while watching episode 26 of the Wifi Security Mega Primer from Security Tube ( http://www.securitytube.net/video/1921 ). If you have not watched it I highly recommend the series, it a great set of videos.

In the video Vivek explains how to work out what encryption a client is looking for in a given network by setting up four fake access points, each with a different type of encryption, None, WEP, WPA and WPA2 and the seeing which of the four the client connects to.

I've had mixed results with this, especially differentiating between WPA and WPA2 but as an idea it is sound and it does work some of the time so is certainly worth trying.

In the case of WPA/WPA2, by running airodump-ng along side this you also end up capturing the first two packets of the four way handshake and so can attempt to crack the key with either aircrack-ng or coWPAtty.

What this script does is to automate the setup process, it creates five monitor mode interfaces, four are used as APs and the fifth is used for airodump-ng. To make things easier, rather than having five windows all this is done in a screen session which allows you to switch between screens to see what is going on. All sessions are labelled so you know which is which.


The script requires screen and the aircrack-ng suite, make sure they are both installed and in the path.

You then need to make the wifi_honey.sh script executable and off you go.

chmod a+x wifi_honey.sh


Usage is simple, start the script with the ESSID of the network you want to impersonate.

./wifi_honey.sh fake_wpa_net

You can also specify the channel to use and the interface you want to base the whole lot on:

./wifi_honey.sh fake_wpa_net 1 wlan1

The only other thing I can think of is that you should be in the directory with the wifi_honey_template.rc file in it otherwise it will fail when trying to create the screen resource file.

If you want to make any changes to the screen resource file, such as changing the key to change tabs then make these in the wifi_honey_template.rc file, this is why I kept it as a separate file rather than generating a new one each time.

Download Wifi Honey.

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