Wifi Projects

Any project that involves wireless comms. Mainly 802.11 but hopefully some bluetooth and zigbee in the future.

  • Wifi Honey Automation of setting up a bunch of APs and airodump-ng to work out what encryption a client is probing for.
  • getwlanprofiles A Meterpreter script to download wireless profiles from Windows 7 and Vista boxes.
  • Jasager Jasager is a wifi man-in-the-middle tool which uses a fake access point to lure unsuspecting victims to connect to your network.
    Take Karma, install it on a Fon and insert the Fon into a pineapple and you get Jasager.
  • Programming Wireless Security My GAWN gold research paper on writing applications to test wireless security
  • Karma patches I got my start in security development by patching Madwifi-ng, here are patches for various versions on different platforms.

Support The Site

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