Buggy Push Photos

7th August 2011

Earlier today Pippa and I did a buggy push in aid of Bliss, a charity who raise money to support premature babies. I'd like to thank everyone who has donated money for this, the initial amount set at the target was £150 but we beat that by a long way with the current total estimated at over £2000, quite a lot of it donated by fellow hackers.

I was slightly conned as I was told the fancy dress theme for the race was pirates and princesses and asked if I'd like to dress up, no one mentioned that it was only supposed to be for the kids! I agreed to dress up as a princess with the added incentive to sponsors that if we went over £1000 on Just Giving I'd also shave my legs and wear pink fishnets. We just topped the thousand, thanks Karl, so I went for it and here are the photos to prove it.

There should be a better photo of me in the fishnets along later on when everyone gets their photos together.

Pirates and Princesses

Click the photos for larger versions

Pippa in her full outfit getting ready to go and defend her buggy
Pippa dressed and ready to defend her buggy
The medal at the end was the treasure we were seaking
Pippa with her medal
Over the finish line at last
Pippa and I after the race
My fishnets
Me in my fishnets

Leg Shaving

The prep
The shave
Silky Smooth
Silky smooth
This is the amount of hair that came off
The hair that came off

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