Wednesday 30th Dec 09

#secvidofday is my attempt to make sure that every day I learn something new about security, and so far it is working. Each day I choose a security video tweet the URL along with the hashtag #secvidofday then watch it.

Why am I sharing this with the world? Two reasons, first, hopefully it will encourage others to watch the videos and so improve their security knowledge and second, especially now this post is out, I can imagine myself having hundreds of followers watching the hashtag so I feel under pressure to put in the effort to watch the video and send out the tweet so I don't let down any of my loyal followers down. I know in reality there are probably only a few people watching but still, social pressure is a good motivator.

Because most people don't have much time to long videos most of the ones I choose will be under 10 mins, a lot so far have actually been around the 2 minute mark. I'm trying to choose them on all different subjects and stick to fairly current ones or ones on subjects that don't go out of date.

I don't intend to comment on the videos in anyway, some may be very good, some very bad but I figure if someone has gone to the effort of recoding a video then at least they have tried which is more than most people do so I'm not going to complain about them.

To keep track of the project just track the hashtag in your favourite Twitter client or follow it through the Twitter search.

P.S. For those who watched the Christmas day video I apologise, I couldn't resist it. For those who didn't watch it, here is the original tweet:

One for everyone this one :) - http://is.gd/5B67K #secvidofday

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